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Pssst…. The secret to crushing debt is out, and it is time you start taking notice

When Rehana Cajee lost her job during the covid pandemic and her husband just four days later, she knew she had to find a way to make ends meet. She says the first six weeks after her husband’s passing were the most difficult, but her Annique business gave her the motivation she needed to provide for her three children, all of whom were of school-going age.


Rehana’s story of unemployment and mounting money woes is not uncommon. According to data from debt counsellor DebtBusters, consumers in South Africa need to spend around 63% of their take-home pay on debt repayment. Additionally, South Africa’s economy is characterised by low levels of economic growth, high levels of unemployment, inflation rates above 7% and a cycle of increases to the repo rate – increasing the cost of credit, says Chris Blair, CEO at remuneration firm 21st Century.

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Top Tip:

Paying back debt requires a dedicated plan. Experts advise that you prioritise debts according to the interest rate you pay, starting with the highest interest rate first. Attack your most expensive load or debt first and pay the minimum required amounts on other debts. When your biggest debt is paid off, move to the second biggest, and so on.

Let’s face it. It’s one thing to have a debt repayment strategy, but another to get ahead and pay off these debts.

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The Annique Rooibos story began in 1968 when the company’s founder, Dr Annique Theron, warmed her allergic baby’s bottle with warm Rooibos tea. Annique Rooibos was the first company to utilize the antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits of Rooibos in health and beauty products

Annique Rooibos creates life-changing opportunities every day through their unique business opportunity that allows people from all walks of life to own their own independent Annique Rooibos businesses – risk free.

The Annique Rooibos business opportunity allows consultants to determine their own income and scale of economic growth. Anyone who joins can use this legitimate business opportunity to gain back their life, earn financial freedom and support their families, just like Rehana did.

Through annual incentive trips, rewards programs and awards events – where the chance to win R100 000 cash is just one of the many incentives – the business opportunity allows consultants to create the life they want, add more money into their bank account and escape the debt trap. 

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