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Forget paying high interest rates.
Forget waiting on lay-by


With MoreTyme, you get what you need now, and pay for it in 3 equal interest-free instalments. There’s no monthly fee and no fee when you buy, so you never have to pay more than the original price.

Take what you have and triple it
That’s generally how much you can spend with MoreTyme.

You might not be able to spend triple as much as you have in your EveryDay account if your MoreTyme limit is too low.


Here’s an example: Let’s pretend you dropped your phone and you need to replace it without the wait. The one you want costs R3 000 but you only have R1 000 and pay day is a long way off. That’s where MoreTyme comes in. It allows you to go ahead, buy the cellphone for R3 000 and take it home straight away.








*R1 000 is the minimum amount that you need in your account.

Buy with MoreTyme in 4 simple steps

All you need is the TymeBank app.

There's no paperwork and sign-up is free.


App Store


Google Play



Open an Online Account

Visit TymeBank

Find a Kiosk

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TymeBank Sign Up.jpg
TymeBank App.jpg

Complete your purchase with a single tap

Depending on the store’s checkout system, you’ll either scan a payment QR code or show a barcode. And that’s it. As long as you have enough in your account or your linked bank card (or a combination of both), the goods are yours and the 1st payment comes off straight away.


Get MoreTyme to pay at TFG stores!

TymeBank has partnered with The Foschini Group (TFG) to bring you even better deals at its network of stores around the country.

From sneakers to furniture, TFG is sure to have a retail outlet that meets your need and to sweeten the deal even more. First-time MoreTyme customers can now get 10% cash back when they use MoreTyme at any TFG store!*

With MoreTyme you get to take your shopping home today! Make 3 equal payments; one today, the rest over 2 months” No interest. No fees.

So get started and get MoreTyme to pay at all TFG stores.

*This offer is only available to persons: (i) who are first-time MoreTyme users (you have no previous MoreTyme payments on your MoreTyme profile); and (ii) whose first MoreTyme payment is for goods or services purchased at a TFG store.

How do I apply for MoreTyme?

All you need is the TymeBank app on your phone with a biometrically-verified TymeBank profile. When you open the app, look for MoreTyme. From there it only takes one tap to apply and activate MoreTyme with an instant answer.

Note: If your TymeBank account isn’t biometrically-verified, you can easily upgrade in the TymeBank app with a quick selfie check, or at a TymeBank Kiosk by scanning your fingerprints. It’s completely free.

How do I pay my MoreTyme instalments?

You don’t need to worry about that. The payments will automatically come off your TymeBank EveryDay account and/or linked cards on the due dates.

The first payment (a third of the purchase price) happens immediately as you buy it at the till point. Your next two payments of a third of the purchase price each will be automatically deducted after 30 days and then again 60 days after the day of purchase. As long as there’s enough in your account or linked card to cover the payments on the due dates, you won’t pay a cent more than the original purchase price.

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