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Annique Brand Ambassador Carine Rous Shares Her Favourite Recipe

Annique Rooibos Tea, which has antioxidant, anti-spasmodic,

anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory benefits

Since finishing her B-Tech at T.U.T in 2005, Carine Rous catapulted onto the small screen with a three-month stint on Villa Rosa for KYKNet as Geertruy . Since then, whether on screen or stage, Carine brings an electric energy to any piece of work she engages and starred in the State Theatre’s Production of the Farce “The Farndale Murder Mystery” as well as portrayed Nina Van Rooyen in South African Legend, Sandra Prinsloo’s Production of “Fiela Se Kind.”


An experienced Multi-cam Actress, Carine is a prosperous performer on the local comedic scene, having filmed on “Askies” (sitcom SABC 2)directed by Andre Odendaal, in which she plays the comedic lead Samantha, and the hit Afrikaans Romantic Comedy film “Semi Soet” (2012) Carine has also had us in stitches on the hilarious SABC 1 Award-winning sitcom City Ses’la.

Portraying Esmé Cilliers in High Rollers, a hard-nosed Casino Pit Boss in this 26-part Drama Series for SABC 3, Carine shows us her serious side. Proving she is not just a Comedienne, Carine acted in Eve Gensler’s International Awareness Protest of Violence against Women entitled “One Billion Rising” and her most recent role on Isidingo SABC 3 as Caitlin Rebekah Moorehouse, the ambitious and unstoppable reporter. Currently, she is the brand ambassador for the leading Rooibos Health and Beauty company, Annique.

Carine’s Favourite Rooibos Recipe

Rooibos Tea Punch
15 Rooibos tea bags
1l boiling water
1l cold water
250ml sugar
2l pineapple juice
1l apricot juice
250ml lemon juice
Bitters to taste

Make a pot of Rooibos tea and add 15 tea bags. Add 250ml sugar to the hot Rooibos tea and let it cool. Add the cold water pineapple and apricot juice as well as the lemon juice and bitters to taste. Enjoy chilled!

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